Soft Delete Azure Blob Storage

2018-04-19T09:47:38+00:00 April 19th, 2018|Azure|0 Comments

Soft Delete Azure Blob Storage We’re excited to echo Microsoft’s recent announcement around Azure blob storage – the soft delete option. When blobs or blob snapshots have been removed in the past within Azure there has been no return, but the introduction of soft delete changes that and allows you to restore data to soft deleted data sources, giving you a comfort blanket that hasn’t previously been available.

You can set your own retention periods, for example when soft deleting blob storage, ensure it is only soft deleted for thirty days and post this time it can be removed completely from your subscription, which allows you to retain data temporarily based on your own personal preferences and requirements.

Enabling soft delete is super easy too, it can be achieved by locating “Soft Delete” under blob storage, from there you can simply enable this feature with no requirement for additional costs etc.

Both us and Microsoft recommend anyone who operates with blob storage within Azure should look at enabling soft delete to protect data and provide backup strategies for when data is deleted.

We hope this helps anyone who has at any point has experienced data loss in Azure.

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